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Ceramic kitchenware FAQ  | 
Producing process

Ceramic knife is made from high purity Zirconim powder, with spraying prilling, isostatic pressing, fine machinery and etc, with high hardness, anti-corrosion, good chemistry stability, high anti-scratch, anti-high temperature. 

Hardness of ceramic knife is 9, only next to diomand(10). Not to fall on the floor or chop will last longer life of the knife.


Advantage as below:

  1. High quality: high hardness, anti-high temperature, anti-corrosion, very sharp, anti-scratch, never rust. 

  2. Healthy: it is made from scientific material, never get allergy if touching any people. Food can remain the original taste if using ceramic knives. 

  3. Pratical: 60 times of anti-scratch than metal knife, no need to grind the sharpness. 

How to choose a good knife
  1. Clean surface: check if the suface is smooth and clean and without black spot. The better mirror knife can used as clean mirror. With the special sharpen process, the blade can as sharp as shave. 

  2. Purity: the high purity blade looks like jade. While the cheap one mixed with some Aluminum powder which is grey white and easy to fade or broken. 

  3. Handle: better knife handles should be with injection. While some are with glued handle which are easy to separated. 

Advantage of ceramic knives of Surpass
  1. We are the first factory who produce ceramic knives, with standard lab and fully requested test equipments. It is invited company who make the 《ISO8442-9 ceramic knife internationnal stardard》.

  2. We past the certificate of FDA, LFGB, SGS and etc, also the ISO9001, BSCI. 

  3. Our products are with stable producing process,  scientific team, professional design team, which can control the high quality. Our purpose is to produce a best ceramic knife and satify all the customers. 

  4. Ceramic knife is with purely white blade which is simply like Jade, especially black blade is with mirror surface, which are elegant. Our team has invented a process to have the blade twice shaper and longer lasting than normal ceramic blade. 

  5. Our knife is with high density, high hardness, high purely, and made by special equipments. 

  6. Our knife is with injection handle, but glue handle. So it will never fall from the blade. 

Warnning when using ceramic knife
  1. Don't use on the metal, ceramic, stone or glass board.

  2. Don't cut the bones or any other hard things.

  3. Don't put it close to fire, to avoid damage of knife handle. 

  4. Leave children away from knives, as its sharp edge.

  5. Don't used to flap cucumber or garlic. 

  6. Be carefull when washing, as its pretty sharp edge. 

  7. Don't use normal grind stone to grind the sharp edge, as it is not working. 

Questions on ceramic knife

Question: How to use ceramic knives?

Answer: Suitable for paring, cutting vegetables and fruit without hard core. It is better to use wooden or plastic board. Don't press hard on knives when using, don't touch hard things. Prevent children from thouching knives as it is very sharp.

Question: Is ceramic knife easily broke as normal ceramic bowls?

Answer: No. As ceramic knife is made of Zirconia oxide but mud and its charateristic is close to metal. But its sharp edge and top are too thin to be broken. So be carefull when using. 

Question: Can ceramic knife can used to chop or uncleanch?

Answer: No. It will easily break the edge. 

Question: Which board is best match ceramic knives?

Answer: Wooden and plastic board are best suit for ceramic knives. Hard board like stone and glass and ceramic will influence the life of ceramic knife. 


Question: How to clean ceramic knife?

Answer: Ceramic knife is with high density, so clean water and normal cleanser is suitable. 

Question: Is ceramic knife suitable for dish washer?

Answer: Yes. But it need to avoid hard things as its sharp edge. 


Question: Can ceramic knife be in the disinfection cabinet?

Answer: No, It is disinfection by itself. And it will  be easily to destroy the handle as it is usually wooden or blastic. 



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